Turbine Transition Course

This program introduces pilots to basic turbine knowledge academics. The curriculum can be tailored from a specific make and model turbine transition such as the R66 all the way up to larger single or multiengine turbine helicopters.

Course Requirements:

Hold a private pilot helicopter certificate.
Obtain sufficient dual instruction for proficiency.
Demonstrate knowledge and ability of pilot certificate helicopter operations in a Robinson R66.

Course Includes:

2-3 days of ground school instruction

5 hours of dual flight instruction

Aircraft specific models include:  AS/SA365N Series,  A109 Series, BO105, EC135, R66 AND MD500 Series Helicopters

R66 Turbine Transition Course


The Turbine Transition Course is taught in the Robinson R66 five seat turbine-powered helicopter. The objective is to gain familiarization in the R66 helicopter for pilots that either have no experience in turbine helicopters or no experience in the Robinson R66.


Hold at least a Private Pilot Rotorcraft-Helicopter certificate
Note: The Trainee is not required to have a current flight review or current SFAR 73 signoffs.
Hold at least a current third class medical certificate.

Ground Lesson Elements:

The subject areas below form the foundation of the ground training program, but the Trainee will also review knowledge areas required to give the Trainee a flight review, pursuant to 14 CFR 61.56.

  R66 systems and descriptions
  Powerplant and accessories
  Starting procedure
  Performance and limitations
  Normal and emergency procedures
  Pre and post-flight procedures
  Cockpit familiarization

Flight lesson Elements: 

  Basic maneuvers

- Straight and level
- Climbs, turns, descents
- Take-offs and approaches
- Rapid decelerations
- Hover
- Air taxi
- Autorotations

  Advanced maneuvers

- Advanced autorotations
- Hover autorotations
- Slopes
- Pinnacle operations
- Settling with power
- Hydraulics failure
- Shallow approach to running landing

  Enroute and off-airport operations

- Confined area operations
- Inadvertent IMC
- Unusual flight attitude recovery
- Emergency procedures

Schedule:  3 Days
Study Assignments

Private Pilot Helicopter PTS
Commercial Pilot Helicopter PTS
R66 Power point presentation

Completion Standards

The student should display proficiency in the listed maneuvers above and familiarization with the R66 Turbine helicopter during oral and practical examination.