Pilot Services:

Ferrying a helicopter from point A to Point B

Charity Events

Community and Holiday events

Getting your aircraft to and from maintenance

Power-line / Vegetation / Survey Work

Aerial Photography

Sightseeing Tours

Date/ Engagement flights

Wedding Flights

Helicopter Consulting Services:

Purchasing your own aircraft

Maintenance on your aircraft

Business charters

Buying/ Selling / Leasing Aircraft

Detailing Aircraft

Avionics Upgrades/ Installation

Autopilot/ AFCS

EFB Equipment purchasing

ADS-B/ GPS equipment purchasing

Remote Tracking Systems

Ipad EFB/Garmin Training Course

Basic and Advanced Flight Training:

Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Instrument Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot

Turbine Transition Training

Instrument currency and refresher

Law Enforcement Training Course

Helicopter Air Ambulance Training Course

Corporate Helicopter Training Course