The Helicopter Instrument Rating is intended for those who intend to go on to advanced helicopter ratings or who plan to become professional helicopter pilots. Many professional helicopter jobs now REQUIRE a helicopter instrument rating. You can begin your instrument flight training TODAY!


  • Must Posses at Least a Private Pilot Rating
  • Must Read, Write, Understand, and Speak English
  • Must have Logged at Least 50 hours of Cross-Country Pilot-in-Command (PIC) Flight Time
  • Must Pass an FAA Written Instrument "Knowledge Test" (Prior to Taking FAA Practical Flight Test)
  • Complete 40 hours Minimum Instrument Flight Time, 15 hours of which must be in a helicopter
  • Complete one (1) 100-nautical-mile instrument cross-country instructional flight which includes at least 3 different instrument approaches at 3 different airports
  • Must Pass an FAA Instrument Oral and Practical Flight Test (Checkride)
  • Estimated Training Costs: Helicopter Instrument Rating
  • (For those with no prior instrument training. Minimum of 40 Flight hrs)

Helicopter Instrument 'Add-On' Rating Requirements:
The Helicopter Instrument 'Add-On' Rating is for those who already hold an Airplane Instrument Rating. You can begin your helicopter Instrument Flight Training