This course is highly recommended for those individuals wishing to enter the corporate flying world.

This is the highest certification level a helicopter pilot can achieve. The ATP Course is designed to give the student the aeronautical skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of the ATP certificate and operate safely as an airline transport pilot.

Prior to enrolling in the ATP Course a student must:

Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate and an Instrument Rating or
Meet military experience requirements of 61.73 or
Hold a foreign ATP issued under a contracting state to the convention on International Civil Action.
Hold a foreign Commercial pilot license and an Instrument Rating issued under a contacting state to the convention on International Civil Action.


Have 1200 hours total time
500 hours cross-country
100 hours night (15 hours in helicopters)
200 hours helicopters (75 hours pilot in command)
75 hours Instrument (50 hours in flight (25 hours helicopter pilot in command))

The ATP rating training requirements are tailored to match each individual applicants unique experiences in the industry.  Please contact the school and ask for the Chief Pilot who will help you customize your ATP program accordingly.