Commercial Pilot​ Military Liaison



Office Manager

Chief Flight Instructor & Founder of Michigan Helicopters

Sales Manager & Commercial Pilot



Director of Transport Business Services

Director of Operations




Commercial Pilot & Certified Flight Instructor


Trevor has been our military liaison for quite some time. He is primarily responsible for assisting military personnel in civilian training and transitioning to aviation in the domestic sector. He also serves as one of our highly qualified commercial pilots.


Project Design Manager

Cody has been an integral part of the transportation section of Michigan Helicopters. He has facilitated over several thousand successful transfers over the past decade. He continues to deal with VIP operations to and from local and destination airports.  

Caitlin's love of helicopter flight spans over several years. She also is directly responsible for the graphic design of many things you see at Michigan Helicopters. She is passionate about aviation safety which makes her an excellent pilot to fly with.

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Dave has been a pilot for almost two decades and he brings his sales experience along with his aviation experience to our team. He also provides liaison operations with local public safety agencies. 

Chad has been our development specialist for several years now. He is involved with projects relating to our young fliers club.  He also has been involved with multiple philanthropies in the region.

Amanda has always had a passion for aviation since she was young. She has been credited with multiple successful missions relating to helicopter charity work.

Courtney has been in the aviation industry for several years. She is well versed in helicopter operations. She holds multiple degrees including one in administration.  She oversees the day to day operations of the company.

Benjamin is an Instrument certified flight instructor for rotorcraft. He holds a masters degree and has been flying for many years. He enjoys teaching students. He believes in a safety based teaching environment merging quality flight instruction with high standard ground instruction. Currently he is possibly one of the only FAA Gold Seal Helicopter Flight instructors in the State of Michigan